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    Default Re: L2800, need to size turning plow

    Quote Originally Posted by Worriedman50 View Post
    Mr. Ted,

    I had watched the referenced video, hence my concern about going with a double. In digging little deeper, the 22.5 hp is PTO rating, the engine net rating is 27.5.

    I have your root grapple, and am tickled to death with it, so I check your site each time I decide to add to my equipment list. (I have a box blade, tiller, disc, harrow and bush hog).

    Just came into possession of this property, it has been in the "Program" for many years, the soil is compacted, and has lots of fescue. I want to get some of it in Native Grass, some in nut trees and fruit trees, then some in rotational food plots. Part of the reason I picked up the tractor in the first place was the intent to work this property for deer and turkey.

    Next I will need a sub-soiler and a drill. Can probably pick up a two row planter reasonable for beans and corn. Been a long time since I worked ground for farming, been in construction for the last 45 years.
    I also meant to let you know how much we appreciate your business and that you're keeping us in mind when you need attachments.
    The product video(which you've already seen) is below so everyone will know why OUR compact plow is by far the best on the market. It has all of the features of a full size plow such as a sliding adjustable hitch, full size moldboard and replaceable shins. We even offer an optional depth gauge and coulter kit just like our full size plows. The compact plow even works great on SCUTs like the BX and 1000 series JD tractors.
    Best of all, they're made right here in Newton, NC out of the finest American steel by American workers!!
    We are also making full size plows in our facility and will have 12",14" and 16" single and double plows all on our site soon. Actually, Nate just told me that the double bottom 14" is live on our site now with a fresh video made about 2 hours ago but i'll post that video of that in a different thread.
    Check out our full plow line-up here.
    Ted Corriher

    A family-owned American Company that also sells quality Made in USA Implements every chance we get! We pride ourselves on giving good product information and putting the needs of our customers above our own!

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    Default Re: L2800, need to size turning plow

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1 View Post
    So what tires do you have??
    I have the Industrial type wide tires, as you can see from the attached picture. Would love to have a spare set of Ag wheels and tires...

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    Default Re: L2800, need to size turning plow

    I would bet that you could handle 2/12 or smaller .I pulled my 2/12 with a L3130 kubota and you arn't that much smaller or lighter.I did have Ag's on that tractor.If you we only doing a garden a single may be the way to go but food plots cover more ground.I do ten acres of garden and food plots every year.

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