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    Default L3800 problems...

    I just changed all my filters for the first time and ive got a ton of metal shavings in my hydro filter. Im trying to load up a picture. Anyone else get a lot of metal in the filter.

    My 2nd question is wondering if those shavings are going to be all over my rear end and tearing up seals?

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    Default Re: L3800 problems...

    There have been several reports of the shavings when doing the 50 hour service. No adverse issues that I am aware of as a result. But several members like you have reported it. I guess thats why they put that big magnet on there Just make sure you use a kubota replacement filter, cause most filters DONT have that.

    Post pics. Let others see if it is similar to what they saw.
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    Default Re: L3800 problems...

    This should serve as an example why the 1st 50 hr. oil change is SOO important. There is always so much discussion on this forum about whether to do it or not. Is kubota the only mfg. who has a magnet in their filter? Sounds like a good idea to me.

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    Default Re: L3800 problems...

    That was a scary ordeal when i changed out my filters on my l3700. At the 50 hour service. I took pictures and forwarded them to my dealer and not only did the service manager email me back, he called me too. It put my mind at ease knowing that big orange was behind me all the way. I did however print out the pictures and saved the filter in the event there were problems down the road and 200 hours later i am are running the same as when i first turned the key for the first time. So worry not big orange has your back.

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