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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    I don't think saying no to family is easy for most of us either, we have just found it to be the best for us and those involved. It may not be in all situations for all people.
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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    There are always those family members that will abuse the 'family' relationship. My 2c is to find out exactly what he needs it for and then set down some firm rules about what it does, when it comes back etc. If he then breaks any one of the rules you have grounds to refuse further borrowings. At that point you do not need to feel bad and he will have no grounds for hurt feelings. My bet is he will stop borrowing your equipment if his feet are held to the coals so to speak.
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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    Never again ,did it once;Kept my brand new tractor for six weeks.When I went to pick it up it was parked next to road with the key in it!Broke one of the cab lites(which was fairly minor) that I replaced.They called a day later to see if I had taken the tractor!The only one I will let use my tractor is my son and he is a professional operator,and he never asked.

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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    I realize that it is difficult to say no to people; especially Family. It is not my intention to persuade you in any way or fashion in regards to your display of kindness. Just a thought? During my lifetime, on many occasions, I have had tools and equipment misused and damaged by loaning them out. It is human nature to take better care of things, when one has to work hard and save the money to purchase machinery. Most people will not consider this issue. I will only supply you with only one example-there are many. A year ago, I finally saved enough money to buy a Stihl brush cutter. This was the commercial unit with bicycle handles; etc. One of our Son-in-Law's asked to borrow it, and I allowed him to use it. Two days later, I went to our Daughter's home to visit the Grandchildren. My SIL's truck was in the driveway. In the back of the pickup was my brush cutter. There was a heavy rain the previous night and the brush cutter was left out all night long. Best wishes. I wish to reiterate that it is not my intention to be judgmental. But we don't live in a perfect World and people are definitely not perfect. I guarantee you that if you check with other people, there will be a large percentage that will tell you that, in many incidents, FAMILY members will be at the fore front in taking advantage of other kind hearted Family members.
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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    Once you learn to say NO, it gets easier the rest of the time. That applies to all, family and friends.

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    Yup NO here also
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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    A little bit of a tangent ... a diving buddy is an exceptional boatwright, fiberglass whiz and mechanic.

    He gets asked to do stuff by friends and family all the time. When asked how much he charges, his reply to close friends and family: "the going rate or free -- you pick".

    So far it's worked well for him and called BS on those who ask, hoping to take advantage. One day it's going to cost him big

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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    I generally go with my tractor. You want to borrow the tractor, you're borrowing me too. There are a couple exceptions, but only a couple.

    And dont forget, the time it takes to hookup and load trailer, transport, drop off, disconnect trailer, and doo over to go pick the tractor up again...

    Same with my car or truck. You want to use my truck to move that refridgerator? The truck comes with me...
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    No one has ever asked to borrow my tractor but if they did I would say no.

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    Default Re: Need "family advice"

    Nobody, no matter how well-intentioned, will ever take care of your equipment better than you do. Making deals, setting parameters, even signing contracts to cover damage and repairs is not good enough. A family member may weasel out and, since it is "family", will probably get away with it.

    Home insurance only covers your tractor on your property.

    Anyway, my retort is always, "I love my tractor as much as my wife. You wouldn't ask to borrow my wife for your personal use now would you."

    It usually shuts them up. Unfortunately, I have an attractive wife. But they get the idea when put in those terms.
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