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    Default Kubota M9000 3 Point Dead

    I tried to search on this topic, but I didn't find anything that was exactly the same as my situation.

    I have a kubota M9000 that is 8 years old with 577 hours on it. A few weeks ago, I was mowing some fields, and afterwards I parked it in the shop with the mower still attached to the 3 point. I tried to use the tractor the other day to lift something with the front loader. Before backing out of the shop, I tried to lift the mower, but the 3 point arms would not lift or move at all. I checked all the linkages to make sure something was not disconnected. I changed hydraulic filters in case there was a chance of a blocked filter even though I doubted this was the problem. Everything was working fine when I parked it 3-4 week ago.

    Another thing that I noticed is that the front loader is not working normally now. It will raise up normally and the bucket can be tilted back and forth normally, but while lowering the bucket it goes down very slowly. If I push the lever all the way up (forgot what that's called), then it will drop faster, but lowering the bucket in the normal way does not work right. When lowering the bucket, I can hear a hissing noise as it slowly descends. No matter how I move the 3 point position and draft levers, the 3 point arms are dead in the down position. I can lift the arms up freely by hand (with the tractor running or not) and then the arms drop when I let go. When I test drove the tractor a little today, it almost feels like the engine is bogged down a little and has less power. It almost feels like the hydraulic system is loading down the engine. Not sure if this is really true, but it did seem like there was less power so I am guessing the hydraulic system could possibly be the cause. While the engine is idling, once in a while I can hear a hissing type noise coming from the area under the eat and near the PTO shaft. Because the front loader is acting different when being lowered, it definitely appears to be some sort of hydraulic problem.

    As I was reading some online about this problem, I ran across some information about how a blown o-ring in the control valve for the front loader can cause problems with the 3 point. I don't recall seeing any leaking fluid, but perhaps this loader control valve o-ring leak can cause an internal leak and not be visible on the outside. Not sure. Does anyone know anything about this?

    By the way, fluid level is good. Hydraulic system filled with Super UDT. Again, new hydraulic filters installed the other day. Linkages that I can see all appear to be intact and functioning normally. Control knob under seat adjusted to different positions with no effect. The 3 point arms are just completely dead.

    Thanks a lot for any ideas you might have to troubleshoot this problem.



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    Default Re: Kubota M9000 3 Point Dead

    Had same problem with one of my M's. I was mowing a field and had to push a downed tree out of the way. I lifted the tree with pallet forks, then spun around to lift bush hog and it wouldn't lift. I monkeyed around with loader for a few minutes and it would move, but very slow and weak. I put the tree down and backed away. It worked normally again after a few minutes. I think a valve got stuck open somewhere and dropped pressure.
    Hasn't happened since then after a lot of hard farm use.
    I know exactly what you are talking about though. It's a real lousy feeling. I hope you get it fixed. I'd try running tractor and working loader up/down.
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    Default Re: Kubota M9000 3 Point Dead

    Thanks for the reply Hay Dude. I just found what was wrong. It's a bit embarrassing, but the remote hydraulic lever was stuck! I've never used the remote (all my implements are PTO driven) so I never suspected that it would have anything to do with that. I must have bumped it the last time I was mowing, and I didn't realize that the remote lever was moved. First time this has happened in the 8 years that I've had the M9000. Live and learn. Next time I'll know what to check first. In any case, I'm very happy to have a working tractor again!

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    Default Re: Kubota M9000 3 Point Dead

    hay dude how many hours do you have on your kubota and what model M is it i have an 7040sud

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    Default Re: Kubota M9000 3 Point Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by case245 View Post
    hay dude how many hours do you have on your kubota and what model M is it i have an 7040sud
    He clearly stated it is a M9000. If you can read.

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