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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeRanger
    Just wondering where you all keep your tractor. Do you keep in inside or is it outside? If it's outside what protection do you give it? Is it covered? Do you use a block heater and/or fuel treatment? Where do you live and how cold does it really get where it's stored outside?
    Inside a Canvas type shed, yes on the block heater, yes on the fuel treatment, and I live in New England where the lowest temp I've witnessed was -7 f. And no, the tractor wouldn't start but that was before the block heater and fuel treatment. Since adopting those two precautions it has never failed to start again.
    Bob B.

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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    In a pole barn, but inside temp is same as outside temp. Gets down to 0F for 2 weeks here, will start without aids. I use powerservice in white bottle year round. Philip.
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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    I keep my BX in one of these. However, if the weather get very wooley (windy) I stick it in the garage.

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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    My garage is fully insulated, but not heated. 3 stalls. 1 car, 1 suv, one for "stuff" since the daughter has the 2nd car at college. And the BX is worth twice as much. So it gets the stall. It can get to -30 here in Minnesota, but last year was hardly ever below 0 and nowhere near the max. But it was also my first year with the BX.

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    Primary purchase was for snow removal vs years of beater plow trucks.
    Outside rain or shine. Never had trouble starting in extreme cold.
    kubota Orange is nice and bright but the Woods orange has gone milky on the attachments.

    ROPS prevents access to the barn and we have no Garage. Considering modifying the gambrel barn to make a better solar panel roof. That may create a place to shelter the tractor.
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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    Under shed roof, open sides. No block heater. If it gets below 15-20f I'm not going to be on the tractor.
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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    Ours stays in pole building unheated and starts with glow plugs as no electricity yet. Low temperatures so far 4degrees above zero and no starting issues yet. Supposed to be colder than normal this winter so only time will tell

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    Default Re: Does your tractor stay in or outside?

    In an open front shed. Keeps weather off it. Gets in to the 20's here; not too cold. I added on to our 12x10 shed, effectively a 12' x 16' open front parking for my old kubota and old Farmall. Now the NH, a canoe, and yard tools are in there.
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Inside, I built this shed just for that purpose. It may look small, but both machines fit inside very comfortably.

    Does your tractor stay in or outside?-image-3870163079-jpg
    2010 Kubota B26 TLB w/hyd thumb. 2004 John Deere X595 w/62" MMM.

    Carl Bertuzzi

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    Tractor stays outside, but it has a cab, I use the block heater, and diesel treatment.
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
    -Winston Churchill

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