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    Default B2920 not a popular tractor

    I was looking at a B2920 and was told that it was a poor seller, and probably not a good buy. Spare parts scarce and so forth....
    What does TBN think....
    I am in Central Florida and was looking at the B series, I have a B7100 and a L4200 DT, and I want to take some of the load off the B7100.
    And my son now wants to drive/mow with "his" tractor....

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Never heard such claims. Plenty of 2920 owners here on the forum. If there is anything that makes them 'less popular', its likely the 2620 for about a thousand dollars less.

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Gotta figure that particular dealer would say that about any model he didn't stock.

    Kind of absurd, really. All the 20 series sell very, very well around here. I don't know if kubota breaks out sales by model specifically or if they release those numbers. Dunno. Maybe Messick would know. No doubt, some particular models in a line sell better than others. Witness the B2630, I guess.

    I heard the same thing about the B2320 at one dealership. So, I just went to a different dealership nearby that had a bunch in stock and the dealer said it was one of his best sellers. Might be because of the other dealer's attitude? I have no idea, but this is all foolishness.

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    You might ask Mesicks about parts availability on the 2920. I doubt its a problem. Shoot, I was always able to get parts for my 1983 B6200.

    I sold it last year and got the 2620 used for a good deal. But if I hadn't found that deal, I was going to get a new 2920.

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Parts??? Most of the parts on all the B**20's are the same. Only real difference is the engine and it is used in hundreds of other applications. Sounds like a dealer not wanting to sell something he didn't have in stock.
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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Somebody is pulling your leg!!

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Was there a cloud of smoke behind you when talking with that sales person? 'cuz it sounds like they were blowing smoke up your....

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    Just priced off of build my kubota. B2320 HST t/l w/ R4 tires and B2920 w/ same.
    B2920 has 50" ldr bucket, 952# lift while the B2320 has 48" w/ 771# lift.
    B2920 is $2353 more than B2320.
    For me, I'd take the B2920 hands down
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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    I am with everybody else, I would think the engine is the only difference. If you plan on getting a the 54" or 60" MMM you probably don't need a 2920. My BX2360 has plenty of power to turn the 54" deck.

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    Default Re: B2920 not a popular tractor

    I've got a b2920. I think you were getting a line of bs. There's plenty around. Looking used when i bought it seemed like the b2920 and 2320 were higher volume than the b2620 because people either want price point or power. Either way most of the components are the same and used all over the place so there certainly isn't any issue with parts. I would see it as a red flag with the dealer, if he's blowing smoke mow what happens down the line?

    Btw - the b2920 is great if you use the 3pt and need the hp, otherwise it and the b2620 are equal, both are traction (not power) limited. Do note that the loader on the b2620 / b2920 is upgraded from the b2320 and there are other minir differences.

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