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    Default Looking at buying used Kubota with 800 hours one it

    Still getting the details but it looks like a good deal on small loader/backhoe combo, six or so years old. (Not sure on the model, I think it's a 1700)

    To me a diesel with 800 hours, if it's been serviced, is just getting started, but I'm grew up on a big Texas farm and we'd run our big tractors 5000 hours before selling them.

    But on a backhoe/loader rig what should I look for to avoid problems? I'll check the wear points (pivots, etc) but would appreciate any pointers on other not so obvious things that might be going bad.

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    Default Re: Looking at buying used Kubota with 800 hours one it

    The little kubota diesels are great engines used widely for industrial and other applications besides tractors, some of the most reliable power sources available. So 800 hours is just getting started, as you say, for a well-cared unit.

    The B1700 was made from '95 to '99, a bit older than maybe you were told. has more info on that model.

    It's pretty small, as you know. If it has been taken care of, it could be a very handy reliable unit. If it was a rental, used commercially or operated by some yahoo who abused it, well, you take your chances, just like with anything else. I think the factory backhoe (model B4672) is a 3-point setup, which can put a lot of stress on the back end of the tractor if used for heavy work. If that's what it has, see if it has the extra reinforcing bracket for the top link mount on the tractor. Also, be aware that putting on and removing a 3 point backhoe can be a chore.

    I would give it an overall inspection, check for obvious wear or abuse, see that it starts, runs and operates properly, doesn't leak, and that the 3 point, pto, the FEL and the BH all work properly. Do a cold start and look at the smoke. A little puff that clears promptly is what you're looking for. Keep in mind you do have to rev up the engine to get proper hydraulic flow and if you're not used to a hydrostat, don't worry about some "whine" as it operates. Check that the FEL and BH have no cracks or bends, check the tire wear vs. stated hours. Do some actual dirt moving/digging with both. Maintenance information would be important... regular engine and hydraulic changes plus filters are essential for long life.

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    Default Re: Looking at buying used Kubota with 800 hours one it

    A lot depends on what the 800 hours of use was. Was it mostly backhoe use or limited backhoe with lots of mower use etc. If it is indeed a 1700 model it is more than 13 years old not 6 so take that into account on the pricing. That is a pretty small tractor so dont expect much in the way of backhoe power. I have a B26 which weighs 3 times as much as that 1700 and it handles a pretty good load but still lacks power to dig in hard ground easily with a 12" bucket. It does OK with a 7" for trenching. I would think that a super small SCUT like that with a backhoe would be like a powered shovel at best so dont get it thinking you will do a lot of heavy digging with it.
    I think Granddad pretty much summed it up on inspection. Listen to the valves when you crank it up to see if there is any rattle. They require adjusting at 800 hours so if that hasnt been done, look at that as a reduction in pricing for at least a couple hundred bucks. The owner may not realize the requirement and hearing the valve train rattling might be his enticement to sell.
    Check the backhoe stabilizer lift function. They should lift the tractor off the ground, if not the hydraulics are bad or relief pressure is too low (another issue to deal with) or some other hydraulic issue to contend with. By setting the FEL bucket on the ground with bottom of bucket in vertical position and full down on FEl, it should pick the front off the ground and then with stabilizers down it should lift the rear at least a few inches or so off the ground
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