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    Default Valve Stem Protectors

    I drove by a red tractor dealership today and noticed valve stem protectors on some of their wheels. I was told that the protectors are being offered on their big tractors only. Hating flat tires, I think this is a wonderful idea.
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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    on my compact kubota B2620 has the exact same design.


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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    Most of the ones I see are homemade. People just use steel pipe and weld it to the rim. They leave the end threaded and screw a cap to keep dirt and mud from packing in. I figure once my wheels fade I'll probably do it to my wheels. If you have your tires loaded it makes it more complicated.
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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    My first kubota, B2910 had them. My second Kubota, L4400 had them. My latest and biggest, M9540 does not....... Go figure.....

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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    Like ovrszd, our medium size Kubotas have them but not the big one.

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    My DK35 has them. They quite possibly saved me a lot of grief when I bogged it down in a creek bed last spring. The rims were full of heavy mud which may have otherwise ripped out the stem.

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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    I wished my old dodge that I owned had them.

    I was driving down the road and all of the sudden the truck started pulling hard right. I pulled over and there was no valve stem left Then I noticed the lockout hub was missing but a few bolts with broken peices of the hub remained. then it dawned on me that when it flew off @ 50MPH, it wiped the valve stem on the way out those hubs always were a weak link on that Dana 60 front, and it was probabally broke earlier in the day in the woods, and decided til then to come off, cause there were still two bolts and a few peices of the flange remaining.

    If you do decide to weld your own on, DONT do it with the the tire under pressure. Deflate it, pull the valve stem, and probabally wouldnt hurt to un-seat a bead. They can blow up if you do not.

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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    My L3700 has them

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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    My Grand L 3540 has them, and even my B3200TLB had them too.
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    Default Re: Valve Stem Protectors

    I purchased my L4400 new 1 1/2 years ago. I don't have them. Are they attached to the rim at the factory? I have never seen them before. Thanks for posting.
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