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    Default Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on BX25

    i went with the small ones (1.25") due to the clearances on my 54" mower. most of my annual hours are accumulated mowing and i wanted spacers that i could install and forget.

    i installed them this afternoon. no idea (yet) if they make the machine noticeably more stable, but they made installation of the tire chains a bit easier. plus, though subtle, the tractor looks cooler with the wheels pushed out a bit

    without spacer:

    with spacer:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -kuva-u002525201-jpg  
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    Default Re: Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on BX25

    I have the BX2660 and made my own, it was one of the 1st things I did. Went out 2" and it's the max I think you can go and miss the deck wheels. I have the 60" deck. They made alot of differents, I like them.

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    Default Re: Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on BX25

    I just got the 2" spacers for my bx25. They make a meaningful difference on our very hilly property. The tractor still needs to be driven with care but it was definitely a good investment.

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    Default Re: Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on BX25

    Bro-tek makes some great things for a fair price, I have the brush forks, belly pans, thumb, and BH claw for my BX-23...would love to get the spacers some fogs I wanna put on soon for X mas.
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