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    Default Re: New Owner Advice

    I also forget add that a wash and wax is good for them too.

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    Default Re: New Owner Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    Follow your manual
    Quote Originally Posted by timswi View Post
    Congrats on the new machine....Personally, I use all kubota stuff on mine..The cost isn't really that bad for most things...I only use the Kubota SUDT not aftermarket hydro oil...SUDT is pretty pricey, but piece of mind is worth the cost...There are mixed reviews on aftermarket fluids and you have an expensive piece of machinery...Treat it accordingly...The Corvette rule---If you can afford to buy it, you can afford to maintain it....I believe in this.

    And as was said, follow the manual--It gives you all of the schedules.

    Quote Originally Posted by creekbend View Post
    As others have stated. Your new tractor will come with an Operator's Manual. Congratulations and Welcome aboard.
    Quote Originally Posted by 94BULLITT View Post
    Congrats on the tractor. I recommend you follow the manual. I also recommend you use Kubota filters especially while under warranty. I used Valvoline engine oil that exceeds the specs that Kubota requires and same for the grease I use. I also recommend you use the Kubota hydraulic oil, SUDT2. Don't forget to periodically retorque your wheels and loader bolts.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaydaKub View Post
    Sounds very familiar. I loved my dad's 8N, although with the oversized rims and FEL, I wasn't strong enough to steer that one for a couple more years past the age of 6.

    Your manual is the best place to start, especially on a new machine. Follow it to the letter to make sure you stay within warranty parms. Quite a few guys here will switch from SUDT to 80w90 synth gear lube after warranty for the front end, some use synth engine oil as well. The BX series tend to be short on front end oil, maybe the B's do that as well (it takes a while to fill in the gaps) so keep an eye on that.

    Welcome aboard! Great site, great people here, lots of fantastic advice, some good old fashioned fun. And remember the cardinal rule: if you don't post pictures, it didn't happen. :-)
    I agree with these. Follow your manual that comes with your current B2620 and if you change machines in 5 years then follow the manual that comes with that new machine, not your old manual. Don't worry about what was recommended for the 8n, it's gone, history and lubricants and fluids and manufacturing methods are constantly being changed. In my opinion the changes are usually for the good (excluding the 50 series BXs).
    Again, go with the manual that comes with your tractor and welcome to the World of Orange Kubotas!!!!!!
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    Thanks for all the great info my first project is taking back some field i am pumped for this weekend. Thanks again

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    Default Re: New Owner Advice

    All I can do is reinforce what you have been told so far. I have used non kubota fluids, but have a history with them and have multiple brand tractors. You can't go wrong just going with the manual.

    You WILL find contrary advice on oil threads and break in methods, just speaking from my own experience.

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    Default Re: New Owner Advice

    It is important for warranty reasons to buy your parts for maintenance from your dealer, keep your receipts for filters and oil. I was told by my dealer that if the tractor breaks, kubota requires an oil sample to verify Kubota oil has been used where required and correct motor oil. The shop manager stated that after the warranty is up, you could use the universal hydraulic oil without any problems as it is just about the same as UDT with maybe a little more anti-foam but he wasnt even sure of that. Sounded like Kubota Corporation looks for any way to void the warranty if possible due to not using their orange products even though the substitution my be equal or better.
    The universal hydraulic oil that I have for used for my other tractors says it meets or exceeds UDT and SUDT, Hy-tran, JD 202 and 303 oils and several others. I had a jug of Kubota UDT and read off the specs listed for each and they were practically listed in order on both containers.
    But for peace of mind and warranty control just stick with the Kubota oil and filters and hope you dont ever need the warranty for a problem
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    Thanks to all here is the homecoming

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    Default Re: New Owner Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by searchforsimple View Post
    Hello all, this is my first post. My new kubota B2620 with FEL, land pride bush hog, and land pride tiller will be delivered on Thursday. This is my first tractor that I have purchased after just recently buying a small farm in Maine. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and learned how to drive on a Ford 8N when I was six. What I would like advice on is recommended maintance, oil, hydro oil what types? Basically how do I best care for my new machine. Advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    I too have bought a small farm in Maine (lewiston area). I have also recently bought a l3200dt. Where in Maine are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by motocephalic View Post

    I too have bought a small farm in Maine (lewiston area). I have also recently bought a l3200dt. Where in Maine are you located?
    Midcoast damriscotta area

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    Did you get yours at union farm equip, i thought those guys were great

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