Hi guys, no experience with orange tractors, but some fairly extensive experience with the cold. (Its -22F or -31C as I fired up our tractor this morning). Use a 1500watt in block heater on a 4 hour on 4 off timer. Works pretty good, sometimes if it has been off for a longer time, tractor is a little stiff. It is a cold snap this week so last night I just left it on continuous knowing I was getting up at 4:00 to push snow. It started right up like it was a fall day. I would caution you with the torpedo heater if you have hydraulic hoses running exposed underneath. With one of our old tractors completely dead, we tried our propane torpedo under and it did nothing. Tarped the whole thing for a couple hours until it was melting snow in the area and could smell some burning rubber from the hoses under when got in to start it. It did work and the hoses never failed, but just be careful (also with the CO). Ended up with a block heater and a circ heater in that stubborn tractor, no more probs.