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    Default L4310 New Starter/ Dash light and buzzing issue

    (NOTE: I recently had to hit my old starter with a hammer to get it to start. I did this twice and the 3rd time the hammer trick did not work, so I bought a new starter.)

    I hooked up the new starter and went to start the tractor and there was a buzzing sound from under the dash. Dash/ glow plug lights went out and would not come back on on 2nd try.
    I took the dash apart and tested the starter switch and ignition switch.
    I am getting 12.4v at the ignition switch in both Off and ACC position. When I turn it to run, I get 2 volts.

    I unhooked the 12 volt main from the starter keeping the power to the dash and ignition.
    I can get the starter switch to work. 12.4v in and10.6 volts to the solenoid wire through the starter switch.
    Tested the starter on the bench in it kicks and turns normally.

    When I rehooked the starter 12 v to the tractor, as soon as I try to turn it over, the dash buzzes again and the dash lights go out (not coming back on either).
    Took the 12v main off the starter again and now I can get the dash/ glow plug lights....

    What's up?

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    Default Re: L4310 New Starter/ Dash light and buzzing issue

    ALSO: Tried jumpering the starter while it was on the machine with 12v main hooked up and it won't turn over.

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    Default Re: L4310 New Starter/ Dash light and buzzing issue

    Your symptoms sound typical of a poor battery connection. Clean the battery connections and try again. Be sure to also check the connection between the negative battery cable and the engine block.

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    Default Re: L4310 New Starter/ Dash light and buzzing issue

    The good news is ... it is likely what ibnxe said... bad connection on one of the battery cables, one of the 4 connections... (cables each have 2 ends). BUT your key Switch also is a good suspect for bad connections, either internal or external.

    The Bad news is ... Your old starter was likely good & beating it with a hammer was coincidental to a bad connection making contact... (Unlike old ford starters you should Never strike a new designed starter)....

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    Default Re: L4310 New Starter/ Dash light and buzzing issue


    The good news is that you guys were right. And now I have a spare starter.

    FYI Bought it for $94 (no core required) online so I don't feel too bad. Stealer wanted $250 exchange.

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