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    Store my QH on a small HF moving dolly. That way I can roll it up to the BX and it's an easy lift to hang it. Can't weight more than 80lbs total, feels much less. Takes 2 minutes including the roll across the floor from the back of the garage.

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    I use a dolly for storage of my plow and QH, but I take off and install the QH all by myself no issue. Plow a tad bit heavy for one tho. On the QH you don't take off the wedges that clamp the upper part to the tractor frame, just loosen them up, and when you put it back on you hang it on the tractor frame and then you can use one hand to wiggle it as you put the pins in. Never had an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff F. View Post
    The dealer is right it is a 2 person job. These things are heavy. It takes one guy to disconnect and lift it off and one guy to hold the beers. I know I could not do it one handed with out spilling.
    Good thing you didn't attempt abuse carries stiff penalties

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