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    Default Re: Tier 4 Machines

    Quote Originally Posted by DutchHenryBrown View Post
    Can this tier 4 system be removed or disconnected once you get the unit home?
    I doubt that all this can be deleted at least not yet. Most the emissions on the new T4 engines are electronically controlled which makes getting rid of the mechanical stuff impossible. Until someone comes up with a work around for the electronics we are all hooped. On top of that it won't be long before big brother makes it a crime to mess with the emissions on tractors like they have on vehicles.
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    Default Re: Tier 4 Machines

    The biggest problem is going to be the lack of aftermarket options for removing that emissions stuff. Vehicles have aftermarket companies spending their own money on R&D and working out the kinks. Doubt there will be many options for that on tractors, so there will be a lot of experimentation by individual owners.

    I made a trade this past November because I didn't want a Tier 4 tractor. Bad enough I have it on my F250, and have no idea if I'll be able to keep that for 10 years. I used to work on my old 7.3L, but am not too excited about the thought of having to dig through all that junk on top of the motor before I can even see the valley on the new one, and am very concerned with the parts costs for the newer truck. I like my "old fashioned" 2012 pre-Tier 4 tractor.
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    Default Re: Tier 4 Machines

    Quote Originally Posted by ovrszd View Post
    Edit: After reading Curtis' post I want to add. John Deere says the particulate filter on our grader costs $5000. They also recommend it be replaced at 5000 hours.
    Well isn't that just grand of the EPA adding $1 to each hour of tractor use. Pure Genius.

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    Default Re: Tier 4 Machines

    Quote Originally Posted by curtisfarmer View Post
    Looked at new machines yesterday, specifically M7040, M59, and the M8560/9660. The new emmission stuff is scary to contemplate buying. I have a newer Ford F450 dumper with all the emmission stuff and wish it didn't and now looking at tractors I feel the same way. The last batch of M7040s without the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and other junk are still available but not so for anything bigger. As I consider what to do about my ailing L48 (fix/sell) I am now concerned if I don't do something soon I will be forced into one of these DPF tractors as I was told very shortly anything but 25HP and less will all be the DPF way. Don't have the $ to fix L48 if big fix and buy new machine. Thoughts on the new DPF machines Tier 4?
    Yes, I've got some thoughts on Tier 4 and would like to hear others too.
    I was suspicious of the Tier 4 standards myself so I read up on them and that made me feel better. Mainly I couldn't understand how our M59 could call itself any kind of Tier 4 and still not have particulate filter or really anything much in the way of emissions control hardware at all.

    Reading into Tier 4 made me feel sort of odd. Call me a crank, but I've can't remember the last time I read any regulation that made me feel better.

    But as I understand it, Tier 4 sets standards for particulate emission, but doesn't specify how the manufacturer has to meet those standards. It just sets limits how many particles emitted and defines how to count 'em. For an old independent engineering cuss like myself I like that kind freedom in meeting regulatory requirements. And speaking frankly..... as much as I like diesels, I do hate the traditional diesel smoke and stink.

    What I like about Tier 4 is that along with less smoke there is freedom to explore new ways of doing things. That means one manufacturer can decide to invest minimal R&D dollars, and still use a traditional well-respected diesel motor that they already know inside and out. Such an older engine may not be all that efficient at burning fuel, but it has other advantages. All they have to do is to filter out the particles before they get out the smoke stack. That works for me.

    Another manufacturer can spend more R&D dollars into changing the way that the fuel burns in the combustion chamber in order to burn it more completely. Those guys are trying to meet Tier 4 by producing less smoke in the first place. There are never any guarantees with any R&D, but apparently it worked for the M59 because it doesn't have a particulate filter and not much in the way of any emission control hardware. That works for me too.

    We've had quite a few tractors come and go. Pride of place still goes to our 2 cylinder John Deere 530. With her QA loader, smooth draft control, telescoping 3 pt arms, power steering, clutched PTO, comfortable seat, and remote hydraulics she's as useful today as 50 years ago.
    There's a Kubota M59 & a JD310SG for TLB work. & a line-up of implements that work far better than they look.
    We'll not forget Mr. Big & Mrs. Little - 33 & 16 hp Yanmars - tough, reliable, & wonderfully clever.

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    Default Re: Tier 4 Machines

    Thanks for the lucid post.
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