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    Default mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    Hello everyone, just found the TBN forum site, it is great.
    I have owned my bx25 since last spring, lots of projects completed, many more upcoming! No problems with the bx at all! It is an awesome machine! I plan on a toothbar, thumb, and some belly protection for it.
    I am debating between a kubota mmm or a rear finish mower, possibly a KK brand. Price is somewhat a factor. I need to make a choice within a few months, still lots of snow on ground here and most likely a lot more to come. My 30"cut rider blew the trans late last fall and I didn't enjoy push mowing!
    Would like to hear pros and cons of both. Thanks for site!

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    There are several old threads on TBN, here is just one:

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    welcome -- tripler post a great link. How about you tell us your mowing needs and how much to mow? how much time you got too?

    With my 60 inch deck I can mow 1 acre or more within an hour in rabbit but not flat out running.

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    Have you priced the kubota mmm mower? You also need mid-pto kit. You will be shocked at how expensive it is, but it is high quality. I try and stay away from KK product, cheap in my opinion. Look at Woods or Land Pride. The rear mount is very easy on and off, so you can get it out of the way quickly for other task. Will you do much FEL work with mmm on? Think about that. The RFM can also be used as counter weight. Philip.
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    I have a RFM and it mows nicely, is built very heavy duty, easy to install/remove, and was cheaper than a mmm. However I still prefer a mmm to the RFM but its just not a big enough deal to make me change. I'm sure you'd be happy with either.
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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    I run a 60" LandPride RFM on my BX2660 and it cuts great. Also, you mentioned belly protection, can you run a skid plate and MMM? Then again, do you want to pull the backhoe to run a mower deck? You may be better off with purchasing a new rider mower. As prior poster asked, what are your mowing needs?

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    [QUOTE=PHILIP8N;3232680]Have you priced the kubota mmm mower? You also need mid-pto kit. ./QUOTE]

    The BX comes with the mid pto. No additional kit needed.

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    I had a 60" MMM installed on my BX 2 years ago and it does an awesome job. I cut roughly 6 acres in about 4 hours. With the 60" I don't have to trim three quarters as much as I use to. The MMM installed was appx. 2100. I'm not sure why you would need a mid pto kit since the 25 has a mid pto with controls already. I also thought about a rear mower but after looking at everything the MMM was a better choice for me. Good luck and let us know how it comes out

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    I like the mmm. A rfm would not work for me in some areas. It does a good job. It is built very well.

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    Default Re: mmm or rear finish mower for bx25

    First off I prefer a RFM to a MMM. Like the ease of putting it on, servicing it and removing it. Just minutes and easy with RFM.
    Have had several MMMs and two RFMs. All MMMs were Kubotas and heavy duty. My first RFM was a cheapo at $1200 and with my rough yard it kept breaking and Barlows gave me my $1200 back toward the purchase of a $1700 Landpride that was a tank and never broke it.
    Now, I had a BX25 that I did not use for mowing. I have Fs for mowing. I never took the BH off of the BX25. If your plan is to take the BH off, add RFM and reinstall BH every time after you mow then the MMM would be my pick. and if I was going to leave the BH on all of the time then again the MMM. Some people believe the BH and FEL should come off every time for mowing. That's just their belief about it. If I was going to remove my BH most of the time and only install it for BH jobs then I'd do the RFM without a doubt. The RFM will be a bit less money than the MMM but I would not buy any cheap light weight mowing deck, again. Landpride or other name brand of same weight as the equal size Landpride.
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