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    Default Need help with L4400 seat: Travel severly limited

    Hi All:

    I have an L4400 HST. The seat is adjustable but its rearward travel cannot accommodate my leg length or size. This has been a persistent annoyance. Lack of adjustment means my knee will accidentally turn the key to the off position while working, my foot position will not be correct for the HST, etc.

    As I was performing routine maintenance today, I decided to see if I couldn't fix the travel. No I cannot. The seat is prevented from moving rearward by the suspension bracket even though the track is not at its limit. In order to fix this issue I'd have to remove the bracket and start cutting away metal. The seat suspension has mounting holes in the bracket that would interfere with my cutting anyway. I cannot put a spacer on top of the seat track to clear the bracket without lifting the seat.

    Did the kubota engineers build seating for a particular height? I'm not a tall fellow at 5'11". The seat travel is for someone much smaller than I. Anyone ever put a seat in a newer L series? I'm calling my dealer to bitch as I spent about $30K.

    I'd fix it myself if I could figure out how!


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