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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    You can find part numbers for maintenance items here: Kubota BX23 Parts

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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    Hi nordic95. I bought WIX fuel filers and the holder would not fit around the WIX it was just a bit to big and the bracket would stretch out on the BX2200, not sure if your bracket is the same. When I saw what sounds like the same problem your experiencing going up hill on your post, I thought fuel filter right away. I was worried because any slight up hill angle it felt like took to much power to move like something was staling or binding the engine, then on flat ground it was fine. After the filter change up hill in hi was no problem no stall. I'm no expert just extremely handy but that's what I experienced with my machine. I did use kubota SUPER UDT 2 HYDRAULIC FLUID and KUBOTA FILTER it made me feel better. Dan

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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    Ok so here are the results of todays work on the tractor. I took the 45 minute ride out to the kubota dealer where I filled out a loan application for a second mortgage on my house. Once approved I was able to purchase two fuel filters and an air cleaner. Only five years to pay off...Kidding..

    So I changed the fuel filters and it seems like 90 percent of my issues are gone..HHHUUURRRAAAYYY. I can now push a snow pile in low and all tires will spin with no stalling. Now in high on flat ground I still get a little shutter so to say at first but it does go and runs fine. My lower filter was clogged with brown goop. not sure what it was but should I look further into the fuel tank?

    While I was at it I also changed the engine oil and filter and checked all the fluids. Now I did have to re adjust the parking brake but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. I adjusted both rods under the machine equally till I had about 1" of free movement on the pedal. Is this correct?

    When should I flush the cooling and change the thermostat?

    Also is it easy to add a block heater to this engine?

    Thanks for all the help guys you really helped me out a ton..THANKS

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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    I've had the rear filter plug up on my BX three times now. They are kind of small, I'd just keep an eye on it. I'd switch the Hst fluid to kubota SUDT and I bet it fixes rest of your problems.

    Look in your manual for your antifreeze change intervals, I have 400 hours on my BX and have done it at least once.

    I don't have a block heater on mine, but I've read they are easy to add, just pull a freeze plug and add it.

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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by nordic95 View Post
    So I have a 2006 Bx 23 and I love this machine to death. I purchased it new and I now have 560 hours on it. I use it around my house mostly to plow snow and mow lawns. But lately I noticed the trans is making noise when I push against a load, worst then the usual noise ive heard over the years. Also now I can barely start in high gear. It sound like it is just lugging as if it was under a major load but once it gets rolling it fine till I hit a hill. Most of the time I have to stop and put in low gear. And im not talking about a big hill, just a slope in the yard so to say. I did change HST fluids, installed new filter and the same issue persists. I did try to adjust the parking brake at one point and I noticed the HST made more noise, so I adjusted it really loose so as not to have any drag at all. Now the parking brake does absolutly nothing. I really need some help to diagnose what the cause is and the repair....Please help.

    Thanks Anthony
    Your fuel is contaminated and may require changing fuel filters several times. What I have done on my BX23 with now over 1400 hours is change out the top fuel filter with new and take that filter and replace the lower one with that one. The lower one get plugged first. Now for your hydr noise, drain and yes pay the extra for the super udt. I was once in a pinch an needed to finish a project and did not have any super udt, and used another that was said to be ok to use. Doing so I noticed a decrease in hydro power all around, but was able to finish. Next day right after I started she was making much more noise due to being cold and knew from this site I shut it down and went and purchased 2 jugs of super udt and filter. I had read many times on this site of others who had changed fluid with other fluid and had no trouble and others who did. As for me I am sold on only using the liquid gold -the super udt, because when I started it back up with super udt, it sounded an ran like it was before the addition of the other fluid, an had no further problem. I have never changed my thermostat an am due to change anti freeze for the second time.

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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    Sounds like several small things adding up was the problem.

    Block heater kit should be 70000-00771 for 25mm freeze plug
    Replacement cord is 70000-00773

    On the D902 it would go in the forward hole on Left (injection pump ) side of tractor. Pop out freeze plug with heavy screwdriver or chisel, clean hole and drive in heater with socket making sure you use Loctite sealer and is driven in straight until seated flush. Refill run until thermostat opens and top off.

    David Kb7uns
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    Default Re: 2006 BX 23 HST Issues

    It was probably said earlier but use a good fuel additive like power service, amsoil, or equivalent. I have always used an additive for all seasons and have never had a fuel problem. Also, when buying fuel go to a station that sells a lot of diesel so that you should have fresh material.

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