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    Default M7040 rear tire scuffing?

    I've noticed on my M7040 HDC MFWD that when turning sharp in 2wd going forward or reverse while unloading rd bales the rear tires scuff up the soil even with no bale on the hay spears. It acts as if the diff lock is depressed but it's not. Is this a characteristic of a MFWD??? This is my 1st MFWD and I wouldn't own it EXCEPT I wanted(needed) hyd reverser. I have double checked the tire pressures and my tractor has bias ply not radial rear tires with cast rear wheels. The reason I ask is my M4900 2wd didn't scuff up the soil performing the same task. Thanks,Jim

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    Default Re: M7040 rear tire scuffing?

    kubota's typically turn very sharp. My M9540, in 2wd, no diff lock, will turn around without any scuffing of the rear tires and it's fluided, radials, wider tire than yours.

    I think if your diff lock was stuck it would try to "push" the front tires rather than turn. Also if the 4wd was engaged erroneously it would do the same.

    Not sure what's going on there?? Might want to talk to your dealer mechanics about it.

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