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    Default Kubota L5030 front end loader and Kubota front mount snow blower

    I have a 2004 kubota L5030. Somewhere I had read that I could mount a Kubota A853 front loader on my tractor without having to remove the front mounted Kubota snow blower sub-frame. And ideas where I might find some info.

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    Default Re: Kubota L5030 front end loader and Kubota front mount snow blower

    I know I couldn't on My L3130.If it's a factory sub-frame it comes off/on in minutes.

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    I have a B3000 with the LA403 loader and the front subframe snowblower. They are either/or, not both. The subframe mount detaches in few easy steps: pull the cross pin and drop the rear portion, then unscrew the T bar lock, and lift off the front. Done.

    The 3000 is not an L series, but if it works close to the same, it is very easy.

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    Default Re: Kubota L5030 front end loader and Kubota front mount snow blower


    I can not comment on your particular setup, but on my L3130 I can have the FEL on with the subframe still attached. I know this is in contrast to what Nybirdman experienced, but I do it all the time in the winter. Perhaps he had the smaller FEL versus the one I have. (Added in edit: the bucket might play a small role in this also. I have the standard square back 72" bucket)

    With some measurements you could get a good idea if it would work or not. The subframe is the same one for all Grand L30 series tractors, so the amount it protrudes from the front is consistent regardless of the model.
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    Default Re: Kubota L5030 front end loader and Kubota front mount snow blower

    with the B2620 you have to remove the sub frame before adding the fel. As was mentioned before it takes about 1 minute to drop the frame...the longest time is breaking the hoses in freezing weather with oil soaked gloves!

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    Default Re: Kubota L5030 front end loader and Kubota front mount snow blower

    I have the exact same setup and I have not put the loader on with the snow blower mounte. Yes if you take the blower off you can mount the FEL but it is tight and depening on the attachment on the loder and how you angle the attachment you can hit the front of the sub frame. One poster said it would be easier to drop the sub frame. I agree that would be the best for a few reasions. 1) you will have better ground clearnce to us the loader. However you will loose some ground clearance because of the front mount for the blower but not as bad as if you just pull off the blower and leave the frame 2) Less potental to damage the sub frame. 3) Lot easire to drop the full sub frame then drop just the blower unit.

    I looked at a FEL show blower attachement so I still could keep my FEL mounted all winter long. In the end I went with the subframe mouthed blower because I think it is better built unit for the task and I have read about to many stories of peole bending loader arems. Hope this helps.

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