Hello all,

I posted this in the general forum, thought I was in kubota forum so excuse the duplicate post...

Looking for advise. I bent the adjustable bottom link of the right 3 point hitch. I was using my back blade and it bent the threads on the bottom right above the link. I checked with Kubota, the part number is 6c070-65240 and the price for just the bottom threaded link is $38.00??? I think that is a little ridiculous imo. Is there an aftermarket adjustable link that I could use to replace the Kubota part? Something a little more heavy duty? I can't believe that it bent with what I was doing. Anyways, looking for your guidance.

Tractor supply has this piece but not sure if it will fit. CountyLine® Acme Ratchet Jack - Tractor Supply Online Store

I realize that the above is more than the replacement piece but was wondering if it would be more heavy duty than the kubota part.

What do ya think? Thanks again for your help