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    Default BX25D Skid plate

    Does anyone know what the difference between the brotech plates (looks like you need to get two to get the same protection?) vs the bx expanded uderarmor plate? I don't really care about leaving a plate in place when mounting the mmm, so that feature is not a decision maker for me. I like the look of the bx expanded plate better.

    Any one have experience with the bx expanded plate? Thoughts on one vs the other? Thanks

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    Default Re: BX25D Skid plate

    If I did not care about having any skid plate in place when the MMM is installed, I would likely opt for the BXpanded one. From what I've read they go on and off much more easily. (I can't confirm, as I went with BroTek so I could have the back one on with the MMM.)

    I've read a number of threads where folks have gone with the BXpanded skid plate, so hopefully others with actual experience will chime in...

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    Default Re: BX25D Skid plate

    I have the Bxpanded skid plate on my tractor and I like it. I know you said it doesn't matter but this plate is very easy to remove as it is held on with the same spring loaded pins on the tractor that hold the MMM in place so it goes on and off in seconds. I do have to admit that I don't know how I did it but I did bend up my skid plate pretty good. I must have caught it on something and it took considerable effort to get it straight again, but it did protect the tractor. I recently cleared my field with a rear rotary mower and I drove over some really nasty stuff with no damage to the tractor. I think where I went wrong and how the plate got bent was backing up over some pretty big stuff and I caught the rear of the plate.

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    Default Re: BX25D Skid plate

    one benefit of the bro-tek is that you can get the third, front, section to protect the boot at the front end of the driveshaft. this boot is just as much labor to replace as the fan ... and it is NOT protected by the BXPanded plate.

    worth noting, however, is that the 3-section bro-tek plate will run you ~$400. (probably still cheaper than a fan/boot replacement - ?)
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