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    Default Re: WaxMan's Modifications to the 2013 Grand L 3240 cab

    Once you have a BH I can't see going without. Unless you move to an apartment.

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    Default Re: WaxMan's Modifications to the 2013 Grand L 3240 cab


    I think you made the right decision
    With all the time you put in on the mods and the great care you take you know what you have (an outstanding machine)

    I at one time was hoping for another green friend put I'll just keep you as an orange one

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    Default Re: WaxMan's Modifications to the 2013 Grand L 3240 cab

    Thanks Beltman
    I think I made the right decision also, As for the work in making the Mods, no big deal, I enjoyed having projects to do. I could certainly make them again, even better. That was not a factor.
    For now I'm staying with kubota even though its a BIG tractor.

    Besides how could I argue with this picture. It looks stubby and strong. I just always have to look at it with the Fel up and backhoe off

    Quick Links to my other Modifications

    Stack.......... Inclinometer.........FEL Indicator........... ICC Lights............Tilt Wheel ...............
    Fel Knob....... Bucket Cam........ Double Step..........Auto Level .........Snow Video..........

    to preserve and protect

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    Default Re: WaxMan's Modifications to the 2013 Grand L 3240 cab

    Quote Originally Posted by WaxMan View Post
    Everything worked for 100 years. Now educated town engineers are in control and its always the top dollar system needed. Which by the way will only last 25 years anyway. The neighbors system was installed 59 years ago so was mine, but yet thats not good enough in todays standards.
    Similar misguided engineering around here. We have really well drained soil, leech fields used to be put in 36-40" below grade, but the engineers said they can't be deeper than 20" to increase evaporation through the grass. Great idea except everybody's leech field froze around here last winter because it got really cold and stayed cold for a long time. None of the engineers showed up to help, people had to have their tanks pumped every week until the spring thaw.
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