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    I recently bought an L35 and I realized that the gas tank is quite large. I was wondering what do other people do when filling large tanks since it is such a hassel to go back and forth between the gas station and my house.

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    I thought I wanted to keep 55 gallons of diesel when I first got my 24hp tractor. Figured I'd use a drum and a hand rotary pump (Northern Tool has many types of pumps).

    I am still amazed at how much work I get out of 10 gallons of fuel. The nearest gas station is a bit of a trip, but I always seem to go by there before I need fuel. I've never made a special trip for fuel, and I just use two big plastic cans.

    A 55 gallon drum weighs a bit when full. There may be condensation problems, and there are some safety issues, so I'll stick with my plastic cans. If I was tilling sizable acreage and had to make special trips for fuel, I'd probably have a different attitude.

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    The same company that delivers my fuel oil, also delivers diesel. I was lucky enough that the house I bought has a 275 gallon above ground diesel tank in my workshop, with a regular electric pump/meter/hose setup (just like at a gas station). (The tank looks just like a regular oil tank that you would have in your cellar).

    This was definitely overkill when I just had my 27HP yanmar (I figured it would have taken me about 18-24 months to use that amount of fuel), but with my yanmar and my new machine, a 65HP JD, I figure I'll turn that over 2-3 times per that would be a lot of fuel to haul back and forth in 5 gallon jugs (plus its about 10-12 miles to the nearest diesel station). My tank holds 18 gallons on the big rig and about 6 on the small one.

    OK, maybe the 275 gallon tank is still overkill, but at least I didn't have to buy it myself!

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    I also have a new L35. It is a great machine. I use 6 gallon plastic cans to re-fuel my machine. I put less than 100 hours per year on my machine and since this machine is so fuel efficient there is no need for many trips to the fuel station. Also, I am concerned about old and contaminated diesel fuel and prefer to purchase fresh fuel. I would also recommend that you use a good quality diesel fuel conditioner in your machine. It helps to add the required lubricity in todays low sulfur fuels and disperses water in the fuel. You will also be amazed how it improves the starting performance of the machine.

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