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    Default Back Hoe Attachment type

    Hi All
    A question on how the BH (B4672A) connects to a B7610 tractor. Does it utilize a sub-frame or does it connect using the 3PH?
    I donít feel the 3PH connection is what I want. Looks weak and prefer the sub-frame type.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks All

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    Default Re: Back Hoe Attachment type

    There have been a lot of threads on this topic. To answer your question, the 4672 is a 3pt BH. There is some reinforcement done on the tractor, but not a true subframe. The advantages of a subframe are:
    1. More solid
    2. Easier to remove and install

    The advantage of a 3pt are:
    1. More ground clearance, even when BH is off.
    2. MMM can be used.

    I have the 4672 and have been very pleased with it. It is designed by kubota for a Kubota tractor, so I am not worried about all the safety issues that you hear. If I were installing an off brand 3pt, I would worry. Removing and installing is very simple, after some practice. I can install mine in as little as 5 minutes now. The first time took me over an hour of pure grief. It does take practice. I take it off and on all the time now. I will say that it is not as solid as a subframe. It does have a little bounce on the pins. But I have used mine a lot and pushed it very hard without any problems.


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    Default Re: Back Hoe Attachment type

    kubota builds it and they will fix it if it breaks. The Kubota hoes are built with the contractor in mind for the use of there equipment. We have a few people that have the after market subframe units but they have a lot of difficulty getting them on and off the trailers as the hoe's more rear mount often digs into driveways while unloading.

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