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    Default Kubota L3200 hydraulic leak

    I recently became an owner of a new kubota 3200. I now have 19 hours on it and I am having a few problems. The other day, I drove it about 50 feet and drove it onto my trailer. I noticed an oil trail on the gravel below showing the whole distance, especially showing on the trailer. The trail was a narrow straight line. It smelled like hydraulic fluid. I believe it came from the 3 point hitch area only because that is where the hydraulic trail first started. It also looked like it came from the brush mower. I know it doesn't run on hydraulic fluid. But I am not sure. I looked everywhere on the tractor, but found no signs of leakage. The hoses on the FEL are clean. I repeated the same scenario with moving the tractor and going up the ramp of the trailer, but there was no sign of leakage. But there is a strong smell of hydraulic fluid. The trail of hydraulic fluid still remains and I feel that there is something wrong with my tractor. I am intending on calling the dealer to get their opinion and come and fix it. Does anyone have any idea do what happened? I did wash off my tractor and brush mower with a hose the night before. I first thought it was water.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3200 hydraulic leak

    Your mower may have a gearbox full of oil, and could certainly leak.

    Definitely check level on the tractor's reservoir and top off just in case it did leak and ran low.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3200 hydraulic leak

    The other day after mowing for a few hours, my L3400 leaked some hydro fluid. After searching for the source and then doing a search on this site, I'm pretty sure it was coming from the breather tube that is located under the seat. I think the system was overfilled by the dealer and is most likely nothing to worry about.

    Since you just washed yours it wouldn't surprise me if what you saw was a water/hydro mixture that was laying in the nooks & crannies and just ran out when it was moved.
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    Default Re: Kubota L3200 hydraulic leak

    As long as your level is in the sight glass, and it doesnt continue to pour out fluid, you should be just fine.
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