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    Default Re: L5240 HST chatter

    Sorry to hear about your problems, and I'd also lean toward some major internal failure with that much metal.

    On the positive side, it's good to see you keeping your sense of humor. Others would immediately jump to bashing their tractor brand and swearing off ever owning one again. I'm sure you're frustrated, but you seem to look at things the same way i do (**** happens, roll with it)... Congrats for that anyhow
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    Default Re: L5240 HST chatter


    First please accept my sympathy that your HST is toast. They ordinarily have a very low failure rate. A high percentage of symptoms are due to linkage and not a big deal. But when one of these units truly goes tango uniform its pretty nasty.

    Multiple tractor operators shouldn't be the root cause here. HST tractors are actually more tolerant of inexperienced operators than clutch/geared type. But more operators can mean rougher treatment. Maybe a simple sign-in sheet for users would encourage reasonable operation?
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    Default Re: L5240 HST chatter

    Yes sir rbargeron that's a big 10/4. We have created log books for the kubota and our plow truck (which I installed a hobbs meter in). We can now keep track of hrs in and hrs out and exactly what work was performed and by whom.

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