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    Default Kubota RC60-72 MMM wheels

    I bought my B6200 about 15 years ago. I wanted a tractor with a loader. It came with a belly mower and I mowed with it once or twice and pulled it off because I didn’t need it. Now 15 years later with problems with my other mower I decided to put it back on. It does a pretty good job except the front wheels are shot.
    Part number 70722–42110, they are $90+ each. I searched online and couldn’t find any replacements other than the Kabota brand. Just wondering if anyone has come up with anything else that would work that is cheaper. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Kubota RC60-72 MMM wheels

    Check out this TBN post from 2014 about this same problem and cheaper solution: kubota Mower Deck Wheels Part# 70722-42110
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    Default Re: Kubota RC60-72 MMM wheels

    I read the linked thread as well as yours and am puzzled about complaints of poorly designed, rapidly failing wheels.

    I bought my B1750 with 60" MMM new in 1993. I replaced all 4 gage wheels with (expensive) kubota replacements about 5 years ago. All 4 original wheels were still serviceable but worn down somewhat and one had a missing chunk of rubber. Kept all 4 for spares. Twenty years seems to be very good service life for solid rubber wheels.

    No, I do not know of any less expensive alternatives but would think that one could find something that could be used perhaps with a bit of innovation.


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    Default Re: Kubota RC60-72 MMM wheels

    My BX2200 with the MMM needed new anti-scalp wheels after about 900 hours (2009). I got about 1500 hours on it now, and they are needing to be replaced. I'd say that's pretty good, considering my land is bumpy as heck.

    Only knock to the MMM is the fact it is sometimes a pain to remove (the sliding out part) versus a rear mount mower, but it does save space.

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