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    Default Power Loss Problem

    I have a BX2200. I have been experience power loss problems, particularly when going up hill while running my brush hog off the rear PTO. Funny thing is that it doesn't happen all the time, but does happen a lot. When it happens the engine almost cuts out (but does not), runs at lower power for a while, then cranks back up to full power (and then the cycle repeats). Can any of you give me some idea of what might be wrong?

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    Default Re: Power Loss Problem

    Is this consistant thru more than one tank of fuel? How many hours on the fuel filter? You may even have some water in the fuel, again check fuel filter and bowl.

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    Default Re: Power Loss Problem

    Tom . Just a shot in the dark . But if you only get this problem going up hill (and your fuel pickup line is at the back of your tank ) I'd suspect water in the fuel . Try draining your tank ,inspecting your fuel cans for water ,and adding power service ,or Stanadyne fuel additive in the future . Also a MR Funnel will remove water before it becomes a problem .

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    Mine did that too, it was water. Frustrating how it comes and goes, I guess it has something to do with the water settling to the bottom and getting shaken up.
    Does it puke white smoke and get smelly when it happens?
    If it does, it's most likely water in the fuel.
    I have a new Mr. Funnel and it will never happen to me again.

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