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    Default B7500 Blade+Midmount together?

    I want to put a blade and a mid mount mower on my 7500hst. Has anyone done it? I had it several years ago on my old kubota (which i sold) but the blade was done by a Deere dealer. I want to do it with Kubota equipment. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? thanks. Allen

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    Default Re: B7500 Blade+Midmount together?


    You can put both on your B7500. The only thing is you won't be able to mow at the same time. The mid-mount mount lifts using the 3 pt. so if you lower the blade the deck will also lower.


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    My B7300 has the ability to 'pin' up the mm mower and use the 3ph with a blade. First you raise the 3ph all the way (lifts the mm mower all the way) then insert two pins, one on each side, that lock the mm mower to the "up position". Then you can use the 3ph as needed and the mm mower stays up. The only problem is if you have a fel, then pins are a real bear to get the locking pins in (covered up by fel frame).

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    I have a B7500 also along with the mid mower. I recently used a landscape rake and did as mentioned in the previous post in regards to pinning the deck up. I had to lift the deck by hand the last 1/2" or so to get the holes to line up. Also, remember to set the rear guidewheels on the mower deck to I believe the lowest position to obtain a little more ground clearance. I have a FEL also. It is possible w/o the FEL raising the deck with 3pt control will bring it right in line with the pin up holes.

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