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    Default Best Place For parts???


    Well, a few posts down, I was panicked about replacing the block of the engine in my L2550 GST. And a wise and experienced member of this board suggested my problem might not be a cracked block but a $4.75 freeze plug. And it looks like he was dead onů Whew?

    So, after taking the engine apart to find the hidden plug, it's now time to put it back together. I need a gear case cover gasket (17331-04130). After checking with my local dealer, I discovered there is not one in stock with any of the kubota parts centers! And Kubota Inc. was saying "September Delivery".

    What a pain.

    So, after 4 hours on the phone, I found an industrial engine rebuilder, who can order Kubota parts from a different Kubota division and may have one here next week. (Industrial Power Systems in Denver, Co. 303-360-7110)

    Anyway, after Phone calling 8 dealers, and emailing 6 others with no luck. I was wondering if any one new which Kubota dealers keep the largest inventory of parts on hand.

    And a follow up question. When parts are "back-ordered" from Japan, several "parts" guys I talked to say it's 2 weeks - 2 months for delivery unless you pay through the nose. And, they are not very interested in even ordering back- ordered parts. And I don't blame them. Who wants to keep track of a $5 gasket, or $45 headlight for two months?

    So, what do you do when parts are not available from a Kubota parts warehouse???

    And lastly, what a valuable tool this discussion board is. I've been involved in the Internet since Arpanet. The most popular thread on Arpanet was a discussion about "Cats". House pets. Now, ARPANET was a network of Scientists, Engineer's, and Professors. Not exactly the people I associate with being deeply interested in furry creatures who sit on the keyboard. But, now I understand a little better. One man's cat, is another Man's Kubota.


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    Default Re: Best Place For parts???

    Did you consider a lower gasket kit? It will have a new front seal, the o-rings, some other gaskets associated with the front cover and the oil pan gasket but it might get you going sooner.
    My experience with getting parts from Japan is very good. I just had to last week. I cost me $45 but I had them in 3 days of course my customer was more willing to pay than wait and not work or rent a tractor.


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