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    Default 3PH control lever

    On my B2150D, when I raise an implement a short distance, say an inch or two off the ground, the 3PH control lever won't stay in place. It will drop down and the implement will drop! Is there some adjustment that will keep the control lever in place? The lever seems REALLY easy to move throughout the range. It's not loose on it's shaft. Any hints?

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    Default Re: 3PH control lever

    On my old L345, there were two nuts on the 3ph lever, the inner one adjusted the friction drag and the outer jam nut held the adjustment.

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    Default Re: 3PH control lever

    Your tractor has a spring/cup washer set up. Tighten the nut and you apply more tension to the cup washers giving the control handle more friction. If tightnening the nut does'nt help, the washers are probably worn. Common problem. New washers and your in buisness, just remember to pay attention to the direction of the cups when dissassembling.

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