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    Default B7100 prop shaft removal

    What is the correct way to remove the front prop shaft on a B7100 or B7001?
    Do you remove the pins either end of the shaft by driving out with a pin punch. Slide back and disconnect or is there some other method?

    I need to replace the 2"X1.5" plastic boot on the diff end.
    The uni joints at the front diff housing also feel loose. Is this a common problem and what should I look for?

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    Default Re: B7100 prop shaft removal

    Did Mine last Summer. If I rember correctly both ends have u joints and are splined and held in place with a roll pin. Drive out the roll pins and then slide everything back and forth on the splines till it comes out. Rember there is a gasket and seal at the top end of the bottom shaft. Its quite easy to damage this. Mine was a very tight fit and took at least an hour of jiggling and swearing to get it out. I cut 1/4 in. of the one splined end and all went back together well. I also used stainless steel clamps that can be tightened for the rubber boot instead of the kubota clamps. The Kubota clamps are subjected to getting caught in bush etc. Took me about three hours but with the one spline shortened it would be an hour job at most. Egon

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    Default Re: B7100 prop shaft removal

    Thanks Egon did it yesterday exactly the way I thought.
    Put a 6mm grease nipple in the bolt hole at the top of the lower uni joint cover to make greasing easier.

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