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    Default Fuel gauge sending unit

    My fuel light stays lite all the time on my Bx1500. I can see the unit by removing the cup holder, but no way will it be removed throught that hole. It looks as if I must remove the fender and rops. The dealer supplied me one under warrenty. But it looks like quite a job. I could take it to the dealer and leave it for a week, but then I would need a trailer, which I don't have. Anyone havean easier method?

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    Default Re: Fuel gauge sending unit

    Sounds like you are trying to access the fuel sender unit. I don't know how the BX1500 compares to the BX2200 in this area, but it looked to me like the ROPS and fender would have to come off on the 2200. Tip the seat forward to get bettter access. With my old 2200, I had the accursed "leaky sender" problem and when I originally diagnosed the problem I had to remove the ROPS/fender/some other sheetmetal to get to the fuel tank sending unit. It's not difficult to do...just takes a bit of time. Again, this was my experience on a BX2200. Your mileage may vary.

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