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    I have an L3130 with the LA723 loader and BL4690B backhoe and I've been having a hard time determining what the overall weight of the tractor would be with these impelments attached. (I'm in the market for a new trailer) None of the literature I have gives the weight of the implements. My guess is that I need a 10,000 lb gvw trailer at a minimum but it would be nice to know the exact weight. Thanks

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    I weighed my L3430 with L513 Loader and BL4690 Backhoe while on my MacLander 12,000 trailer and it all totaled 10,500 lbs. The trailer weighs 3,000 lbs according to the dealer, so the tractor, loader and backhoe add up to 7,500. Probably less as I had six chains and binders and a post hole digger on the trailer also. Plus the tires are loaded.

    I would say that 10,000 trailer is minimum. Mine is a 18', 12,000 lbs and I am very glad it isn't smaller. Should have got the 20', 14,000 lbs trailer, the extra length would be handy.


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    the only way to get an exact weight is to weight it as it is.

    The L3130 tractor weight is in the book. You must adjust for the wheels and tires and filling, if any.
    The La723 weight is in the book. You must adjust for the bucket.
    I don't know about your BH, I don't have that one, but be sure to adjust for the subframe, if you have one, and bucket.

    Tip of the day...
    the foldable ROPS has a serial tag attached to the right side upright that states maximum equipment weight of 7120# (this 7120# is from memory so be sure to check).

    You may reasonably interpret this as the maximum weight when using kubota attachments. If Kubota makes attachments to normally fit the L3130, that when combined, add up to more than this number then the line of litigators will be long indeed in the case of a rollover injury.

    So, bottom line, use the ROPS number. The State will likely use it too if they stop to check weights. Insurance may use it also.
    I think your 10K guess is fair, considering your BH (doesn't take a sub frame?) but maybe a little low when you add the trailer weight. It's nice to have a little leeway.

    All the best,

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    Excellent point about the ROP. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll have to go with the depressingly expensive trailer.

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