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    Default Quarter inching

    Hello folks
    Please excuse me if I seem to look like a know it all, I'm not. I just want to help if I can. I was reading a thread in the implement forum and it seems to me that there are allot of folks who don't understand how quarter inching works on a B7800. For those that do and think that they have to live with it, I found a semi fix. I don't have a 7800 anymore, I gave it back to the dealer in exchange for a B3030. This is the way quarter inching worked on my 7800. So here goes.

    The way quarter inching works is if you want to raise the implement, you pull back on the lever to the first stop and then release. The lever goes back to the center position and the implement raise 1/4 " pull back on the lever again and the implement will raise another 1/4" etc. If you want to raise the implement all the way up, you pull back on the lever past the the first stop and release, the lever again returns to the center and the implement fully raises. To lower the implement you use the same procedure except you push the lever forward. You can't lower the implement to a preset position with quarter inching. You have to lower it a 1/4" at a time by going to the first stop and releasing or going past the first stop and releasing just at the right height. If you use the go past the first stop mode, you have to make sure the speed control valve is set real slow or else the implement will go all the way to the ground before you can release the lever.

    Now for the semi fix
    There is some kind of adjustable stop for the lift lever on a B7800 that I don't remember reading about in the owner's manual. It takes alot of patience to get the adjustment just right or you will have very slow leak down, and it will have to be readjusted for different implements. Look at the right side lower link arm. There is a rod that runs forward from an ear at the arms pivot point through a hole in a pivoting arm of the 3 pt. control system. The rod should have a spring on it in front or behind the pivoting arm. I forget where. On this rod there should also be an adjustable sliding stop. Lower your implement to where you want it to be, push the sliding stop against the pivoting arm of the 3 pt. control system forcing the arm to pivot so that it stops any further lowering. My dealership knew about this feature but doesn't use it because it takes too much trouble to adjust. Oh a little fyi. A friend and I purchased our B7800 together. When we complained to the head area rep. of the western area about the poor way that kubota explains the functioning of the quarter inching feature. and that if we had known, we wouldn't have bought the tractors, he offered to change out the quarter inching system for the control valve system. Supposedly it's an easy swap.

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    Default Re: Quarter inching

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( ....he offered to change out the quarter inching system for the control valve system. Supposedly it's an easy swap.
    John )</font>

    I'm interested in leaning more about this conversion option. Anyone have any more info?

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