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    Default BX1500 Oil and Hydro filters

    I know this subject has been beaten to death. I used the search function and found a lot of references to other BX tractors, but not my answer. I am looking for filter brands other than kubota as the local dealer charges $30 for both of those filters, combined. I know some of you have found other brand filters for your BX tractors but what about the BX1500??? Thanks for any input. If this question has already been answered in a previous post, please excuse me.


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    Default Re: BX1500 Oil and Hydro filters

    I went to NAPA to buy oil and air filter for my BX1500, knowing that they just "had" to be cheaper than the dealer.
    Oil filter was $9.xx and air filter was $25.xx.
    I bought them, thinking that that air filter was sure pricey.
    On my way home, I had to drive right by my kubota dealer and thought, what the heck.
    I went to the parts counter and asked what these two filters ran. I was surprised to learn that the oil filter was roughly a dollar more, but the air filter was only $10.xx. If you do the math, that is about fifteen bucks less than NAPA! Oil filter is about the same price.
    Long story short, buying from the dealer for these two filters is about fourteen dollars less than from NAPA. I'm gonna just buy from the dealer from now on.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Oil and Hydro filters

    I managed to cross reference the oil filter on my BX2200 and B2410 (both use the same filter) to a K&N. I did this only because I like the 1" bolt head molded into the filter. It makes replacement incredible easy!!
    For your 1500 (and also the 2230) the only active cross reference I can find is Wix. Your 15853-32430 kubota filter crosses to a Wix 51358. The description for that Wix filter specifically lists your tractor.
    The Fram and Purolator web sites list cross references to that Wix number. Fram = PH6017A and Purolator =ML16817 There is no K&N cross reference.
    I do not believe you will be able to cross reference the hydro filter- buy Kubota.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Oil and Hydro filters


    Thanks for the input! Seymour, thanks for the cross reference info! I appreciate it. Last week, I tried the local NAPA (who sells Wix) and they said they didn't have a filter for me, they cross referenced the kubota number I gave them and still didn't have a filter. Now, with your help, I can check them again. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: BX1500 Oil and Hydro filters has the following filters for your rig
    These are kubota filters now...
    Hyd is $13.91
    Eng Oil is $7.46
    Air Filter is $14.86
    Fuel filter is $4.20

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