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    Default L3400 gear trans. vs. L3130 FST - advice please

    Can someone out there guide me re: the difference between the gear drive transm. on the L3400 vs. the FST transmission on the L3130?? dealers i've called don't seem to know, as they claim they rarely sell the Grand L series with a basic FST transmission.
    I like the shuttle transmission of the older Ford/NH 1920,,, is this basically what the FST is on the L3130?
    fred b. New Hampshire

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    Default Re: L3400 gear trans. vs. L3130 FST - advice please

    I don't know the 3400 but the 3130 FST is synchroed for gear and direction changes. Ie you can be driving forward, punch the clutch flip the reverser while still rolling forward and be ready to start backwards.

    If you've ever driven a car it is like being able to throw it in reverse while still rolling forward with no grinding.

    The gst you don't need to use the clutch for reversing or gear changing, just getting started.

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    Default Re: L3400 gear trans. vs. L3130 FST - advice please


    Should be working on my basement but this is fast and easy, I think. L3400 has a mechanical shuttle usable in the low and reverse range per this L3400 shuttle

    The L3130 FST has a fully syncronized trans for gear changes on the fly. Don't think that's the case with the L3400. It also has the shuttle that may be a little more sophisticated than the L3400. Go to this page and click the transmission button L3130 FST

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    Default Re: L3400 gear trans. vs. L3130 FST - advice please

    The L3400 is definitely NOT synchronized. It is quite easy (especially when starting from zero: neutral in range and gear) to grind gears if you're not careful.

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