Okay, I won an auction on ebay for an assorted box of hydraulic parts. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

I'm thinking I might be able to put some of it together to get me a set of remotes for my tractor.

They guy listed some part numbers and they are legitimate kubota part numbers but I can't figure out what they belong too.

The 2 part #'s he listed are:


One shows up as a remote valve assembly and the other shows up as a hydraulic hose but I'm not sure what they fit. Also not sure whether I will be able to rig them up for my tractor or not. I know the valve assembly for my tractor shows up as a different part number.

Once I get these in I might be asking more questions. In the meantime does anyone know how to cross reference the part numbers to see what they were actually intended for?

Thanks, Nathan