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    Default Buy M6800 ?

    I am looking at a M6800 but do not know anything about Kubotas.The specs look like it is a lot lighter than a Massey 271 but it has a lot more extras.Does anyone knnow the reliability differences

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    Default Re: Buy M6800 ?

    How much time do you have?

    Search this site and the archives for M6800 as a lot has been written about it before.

    I sold a Massey 245 when I bought the kubota M6800SD. The M6800SD with liquid filled tires and a loader and bucket weighs pretty close to 8000#. My Massey broke at the front axle and I had to rebuild the front end including casting, pin, crankshaft pulley, radiator, oil pan gaskets, etc. It was not designed for a loader and the front axle bushings wallow out and then the whole casting breaks and the axle goes up until it is stopped by the crankshaft pulley. Sorry, but would not buy another one.

    The M6800 is designed and built very well. It is a smaller physical package than the Massey 271, although the tire sizes, power, and traction are comparable. Everything on the Kubota is just where it feels like it should be down to a comfortable seat with armrests. The hydraulics system on the Kubota has everything done correctly. Everything that I hated about the Massey is done right on the Kubota.

    If you are planning to get a loader, get the 4WD. The Kubota LA1002 loader and bucket are first class. The hydraulics are strong and quick. The tractor is very maneuverable for a 68 HP tractor. The brakes work well (the Massey brakes did not)and the emergency brake holds the tractor securely (couldn't ever get the brake hold down clip to work on the Massey).

    Kubota uses different pumps for the Steering and the System Hydraulics. Some Masseys do, but others do not.

    The Kubota engine and the Massey engine are both good engines. I still consider the Massey a Third World tractor. The Kubota design is modern in every way. The fully synchronized gearbox and the synchronized shuttle lever on the dash really works well. I ground the gear in the Massey for years, and have yet to hear that sound with the Kubota M6800SD.

    The previous 1999 modesl of the M6800 are NOT synchronized and have the shuttle lever near the left rear fender.

    The PTO engagement on the Kubota is far superior to the Massey.

    After taking out every screw out of the hood of the Massey many times, it is a real pleasure to be able to raise the hood of the Kubota and have good access.

    The Kubota also fuels from the rear with a large diesel tank and has extendable 3 point arm ends which are worth their weight in gold.

    I thought I would hate the Kubota rubber mat, but they really work well and keep heat and vibration down. The M6800 has a fine engine that starts and runs well and does not smoke under operating conditions.

    I went to the service shop for Massey and Kubota. The Kubota shop was doing a lot of make readies and Massey shop had a lot of tractors tore down. The casting I was talking about gives enough trouble that there are third party vendors that now sell several Massey castings and parts.

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