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    Default Tire Pressures?

    I’d appreciate some advice on best tire pressures to maintain for my recently acquired B-2400, equipped with FEL and MMM. The ground around my place (including pastures to mow) is somewhat rocky and hard-packed, not soft or muddy. According to the owner’s manual specs, the front tires (23 x 8.5-12, R4) require 22 psi and the rear tires (12-16.5, R4) require 18 psi. The rears now have liquid ballast installed. With ballast, should I still try to maintain 18 psi in those rear tires or should they be changed to a different psi level? The manual also says to keep the front tires at “maximum pressure if using a FEL”. Does that mean inflating them to the full rated psi level marked on the side of the tire rather than at 22 psi?

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    Default Re: Tire Pressures?

    Yes, should maintain the same pressure in the tire with or without liquid ballast. For the fronts, again yes, When doing FEL work carrying heavy loads in the bucket I would run the max marked on the sidewall. On the other hand I would run minimum pressure in both front and back when mowing - with FEL dismounted - to reduce compaction.

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