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    Default B7510 Hazard Light Bulb

    Need to replace one of my rectangular Hazard light bulbs. It looks like a typical 1156 bulb and wonder if anyone has replaced one before?

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    Default Re: B7510 Hazard Light Bulb

    I have a BX, not a B, but my guess is that the bulbs are the same.

    One of my hazzard bulbs went out about a year ago. It was very frustrating to discover that the bulb was either a proprietary design or some sort of odd-ball that you can't find in an auto parts store.

    Even though we're only talking about a couple dollars, I was so pissed that I was being forced to visit the dealer for a simple bulb change that I bought an 1156 and filed off one of the nubs on the base to make it fit in the socket.

    Yes, I checked very carefully first. The vertical orientation of a nub is the ONLY difference between an 1156 and whatever comes standard from kubota.

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