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    Default New BX1850 in Suburbia

    Hello all --

    After watching the board for the past year and buying a couple other machines, I finally pulled the trigger on a new BX1850 with 48" mower and the LA203 front end loader equipped with a mean black tooth bar protruding from that pretty orange bucket. After owning it for the past seven days, I can truly say that I am happy with my purchase and grow more satisfied daily.

    A little background here: We built a nice house eighteen months ago on a .66 acre lot and had the minimum landscaping done along with the lawn installation. Three years, four degenerative lumbar discs, and a side of arthritis ago, I would have built the house, seeded the lawn and done the landscaping myself, but that was obviously not in the hand I was dealt; needless to say - I paid to have the work done. Granted, it was kind of nice, but it killed me all along knowing I could have done much of that work myself. So after all of that, I was not about to let ANYONE cut the lawn I paid to have installed and there was NO way i was going to push mow this lawn. Say Hello to Cub Cadet 3000 series - great mower with all power, awesome snow plowing capabiltiy and a sturdy farm-grade build; way overkill for my needs. But having worked (and played) in the equipment rental business back in '95 after college, that inate fascination with all things mechanical, and kubota's 0% financing deal, I ended up buying my BX1850. This thing is great!

    I have already moved firewood from a truck with the bucket, mowed the lawn, removed & reinstalled the loader in less than five minutes, and taught my buddy how to use the bucket to dig and move material. I can't wait to clear out the brush that I purchased the tooth bar for, and have already started looking for a suitable trailer to haul it around locally to find more "seat time." Until then, it waits patiently inside the garage...

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    Default Re: New BX1850 in Suburbia

    First, let me say welcome to the club, and congratulations on your new BX! I'm sure you will get many hours of useful, and productive therapy on it. Trouble is, now you will want more land to care for!
    Good luck with it, and enjoy!

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    Default Re: New BX1850 in Suburbia

    I just purchased the same machine with the front loader and a Woods mower for the back. I'm very new to tractors and read all the manuals that came with it before I would even start it! Well, I actually drove it around some before I leafed through the books! Anyway, is it best to leave the front loader on while using the Woods mower? And, should I remove the mower when using the front loader? The books talked a lot about counter weights and center of gravity. Thanks for any advice for a novice tractor owner!

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