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    Default Fecon Planar Blades Vs. Carbide Hammers

    I currently have a 297C with a Fecon head it currently has the carbide hammers. I am considering the blades just wondering if anyone has them how often to sharpen ( I assume daily) how many hours before replacement. I know this can vary. Did you see any increase/decrease in productivity? I am in eastern NC so no rocks to worry bout. I clear/mulch mostly pines, mixed hardwood and your normal underbrush. I am not convinced about these things so ALL opinions are wanted good and bad.

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    Default Re: Fecon Planar Blades Vs. Carbide Hammers

    Tri cut-

    I don't have any experience with the fecon, but I put the carbide planars from loftness on my G1. Increased about 20%. These are not as sharp as the steel knives, but for that, read my reply to your post in pricing for mulching thread.
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    Default Re: Fecon Planar Blades Vs. Carbide Hammers

    The Fecon knives will speed you up considerably. I had a set on the Supertrak SK 300 and they were very efficient for about 4 hours. I was in a new machine that I was not used to and in rocks and destroyed them. I have a friend who runs an FTX-90 with knives and an FTX-140 with carbides and the 90 is as fast as the 140 as long as there are no rocks.
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    Default Re: Fecon Planar Blades Vs. Carbide Hammers

    The fecon knives work great as long as you are not in a rocky area. They are pretty aggresive if you are doing large stumps so you have to take a little at a time since there is nothing to stop you on the header from taking a big bite. The knives cut standard brush and shrubs awesome. You can get a decent amount of time on the blades without sharpening if you aren't in hardwords and rocks. I have been running a mix of knives in the middle and carbides on the ends to give myself a bit of a depth gage. Seems to work ok. I hope this helps.


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