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    Default Deere 332 w/Fecon mulcher

    Went to Tallahassee Deere on Fri. to demo a CTL and look at some "stuff" and they informed me about their new setup.
    CT332,82hp gross,high flow of 34gpm,MH60 with aux. hyd. cooler on TOP of mulcher.
    Hyd. cooler on TOP of mulcher head is kinda vulnerable in my opinion.
    I'm talkin between the pressure guage and the push bar!
    The head is made by Fecon with the Deere logo on it.
    Let me know what Y'ALL think about it.
    I won't even mention the price yet.

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    Default Re: Deere 332 w/Fecon mulcher

    I have seen a few of the new skid steer heads with a small cooler inside them and I would be worried about it staying clogged up. It is hard enough to keep coolers on the machine clean and they are not right in the belly of the beast when it comes to dust and debris. I honestly thing that a man would be better off to add an aux. cooler on the machine and not worry about one in the head. As far as the Deere I have no opinion except that I think dedicated machines are the way to go if you are going to do any mulching.
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    Default Re: Deere 332 w/Fecon mulcher

    I had the same thoughts when I first saw the deere setup...looks like it would be trouble to me
    Ryan Stephens

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    Default Re: Deere 332 w/Fecon mulcher

    This is an informative entry. I have seen coolers added like that. Unfortunity it is a bandaid. They are dealing with an overheating problem. I am not knocking the brand for I have seen it on another brand as well. And on the brand it still overheated.
    Second that is the debri field. That is where the wood is a flying and your pushing trees and brush. It will not live long there.
    Thrird, it might not be a good matchup between the tractor and head. That brand is not adjustable. Hot hyd will greatly shorten the life of the tractor. The life span is short enough already.
    Robbie Hegwood

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