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    Default Land clearing attachment suggestions?

    Tractor is a BX23, land is on a sloping knob with hardwoods, and pines, ground is moist with moderate slope, intermittent rocky ridge line, with shale type base, numerous large flat rocks projecting at various angles, ranging in size from 10 to 1500lbs.
    I have the alternator upgrade and plan on additional lighting. Item I was considering are:
    1: Broteck fan guard
    2; Brotech Thumb
    3:Broteck ripper tooth
    4: And possibly a Longs wear blade:
    Wear Blades WB and IWB

    Anyone have experience with any of these items, curious how the ripper would hold up? Tempered steel perhaps?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
    Toll NEPA

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    Default Re: Land clearing attachment suggestions?

    There is a forum that only has discussions and advice in regards to land clearing, and another discusses attachments. Sincere wishes that this helps. I, myself, found a lot of info on these TBN forums. Good Luck.
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