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    Default Seppi smo2oo forst ??

    Hey guys i'm new here i have a couple questions?? as it seems Like some of you have been doing this for a while. I boght a 800 acre grazing lease last year and it has not been looked after for a while. Lots of popular saplings anywere from 1'' to 8''. All around fence lines and some pastures are being taken over. I am looking at at seppi smo 200 forst it is a 2001 in very good shape. The guy boght it as a demo and hardly used it.... I would be runing it on a 229 D thats the dere. 33 gall per min,

    My questions would be

    Is the 229 enough machine
    How big of trees could i mulch with out being hard on equipment
    Does the seppi flail system work well aka mulch size
    What hammer options do i have for flails

    Any other things you think of that i should know feel free to add!

    Thanks in advance Wyatt

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    Default Re: Seppi smo2oo forst ??

    Mate, have a look at the Seppi web site,they give all the info you need. If you buy it then hammers are the go up to 4" timber. Without looking at there site, some of there mulchers have a rod that goes all the way across the rotor and is a 2 man job to change teeth and the rod becomes like a crank and is a throw away, others have individual bolts and are much better to change
    Hydraulics, can't comment on
    CTC Mulching
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