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    Default replacing loader arm hose on an RC100

    I know there aren't many here who use ASV RC100's anymore, but I figured that someone here might be able to help me out. My machine blew the loader arm hose that provides downward pressure on the right loader arm. I've pulled the hose and had a replacement made, but I can't get the hose back in place. The hose comes through right behind and below the valve block. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever replaced this hose and if so, if you have any advice. The hand access to the area where the hose comes through from the loader arm is basically impossible - there are just too many hardlines right in front of it, and the hose needs to snake back behind the hydraulic fill neck and a couple of other hoses. Any suggestions? I've thought about flipping up the cab to get access, but I don't think that will really help unless I pull the hydraulic oil tank, and even then I'm not sure if it will help or not. I could start disconnecting the hardlines from the valve block to get access from that side, but I'd like to know for sure that that is the best approach. It looks like a couple hours of disconnecting hardlines and other things to do it that way. I realize now that I probably should have tide a rope to the hose when I pulled it out, but it's too late now.

    Anyone out there had to deal with this and came up with a good solution?

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    Default Re: replacing loader arm hose on an RC100

    I'm not familiar with that specific machine, but the rope is the best way. Since you have already pulled the old hose, maybe go to lowes/home depot and get a electrical fish tape. They are for pulling wire and should be in the electrical tools section You can get a small one for pretty cheap. Push it through, then pull your rope through, then pull your hose with thw rope.
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    Default Re: replacing loader arm hose on an RC100

    Yep done it. First make sure the area behind cylinder is clean. that area has to be clean to allow movement of the hose when lifting the boom. You may already know/done this but had to mention. Also blow out all you can in that area with air under the valve body. Usually debris gets built up all under there because it hard to get to but now the time to blow and blow and blow from all angles. Then do some more. With it clean it sure makes life better and yes either rope or heavy tie wire can then be wormed through there to tie to hose. The first time I did same as you but after cleaning good the next time went way faster and easier. I buy a bag of poly fill from walmart and use it to stuff in places like around the rear of cylinder above and below where it pins. Cheap and easy. Also put it around hoses where they go down into engine compartment. I thought that was hard but just got done today changing o rings on fittings at the hydraulic filters. Said many choice words. To hook up one of the lines I had to use vice grips, hose clamp, pry bar with 2x4 to hold in place, and ratchet strap all at same time. Good luck and know that you not only one having fun.

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