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    Hello everyone first thread but, I've been reading and using this site for any questions or problems I've had, but now I have a new one. We started mowing with a asv 4810 with a fae flail tooth. Two seasons ago we purchased a used 87l rayco with a fae flail tooth head and have not had any major problems, but we have noticed that the head was losing power and its getting worse. We were hoping that it was the head but its not because hooked it up to the 4810 and it works great.we are located in and Our closest dealer is in and all they want to do is charge us $300 to rent gauges to test hi-flo pressure and went much help after that. So I guess my question is there any adj. To the pump? My only other choices are to bust out the ol'4810 and now in the snow with an open cab burrr!

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    It could be possible that the springs in your aux reliefs are weak and allowing oil to bypass when pressure builds up due to loading up the attachment.

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    Csbnettles, the pump can be adjusted on the too of the pump u will notice a allen head bolt with set nut this controls pressure u can back it off to reduce or tighten to increase it mite have vibrated loose an this could be your problem.

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