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    Default Jonsered coming to TSC

    Jonsered - Professional Performance. Professional Quality. For More Than 50 Years.

    Coming Soon

    Available Monday, April 29th

    This is interesting. One way to be able to charge a little more is to carry a line just about
    no one else has...
    I'm not a chain saw guru, but my understanding is this is a good brand.
    One more thing to look at when we go to Tractor Supply for those hitch pins that
    disappear in the night.

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    I've had one for about 20 years and have had no problems at all.

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    Are they ditching Huskies?

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    Are they going to be the same caliber as those sold at dealers or is it going to be similar to Wal Mart products where the product is cheapened to meet pricing needs?
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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    My dad bought a J-red to replace his balky Homelite in the mid 70's. I remember he paid what I thought was insane money for it at the time. Soon after the purchase, I was put in charge of feeding the Vermont Castings Vigilant and my opinion that he overpaid changed after the first red oak was felled. It was a compact, powerful, reliable saw. Hope that hasn't changed.
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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    J-Reds are a good saw, but really a rebadged Husqvarna. Most (but not all) Husqvarna models have an equivalent Jonsered model. There are some minor differences, such as the angle of the front handle, and some Husqvarna models have a larger air filter with a high top cover. It should give Jonsered some good exposure, but judging by the homeowner models TSC carries in the orange saws, I'd guess they will only be carrying the homeowner grade Johnny Reds also..... unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    A big box store is no place to buy a chain saw. I want a actual servicing dealer to be there to stand behind my purchase if I have a problem. Got my Stihl from a dealer that only sells Stihl and Husky saws, no lawnmowers or powertools. He really knows saws.

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    I like the my dad stories, I think we all have one. My dad bought his 451 from a dealer on Christmas Eve in 1981 I think. That saw has ran trouble free for years!! I would have one myself but the nearest j-red dealer is 100 miles from here. That saw cleaned alot of land and put me through college. Hands down one of the best all around saws I have come across.

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    Do not purchase anything serious at TSC. They will carry something for awhile and then it disappears. Look at the number of welding suppliers they have had. They are still better then Quality Farm and Fleet which diappeared as a company.

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    Default Re: Jonsered coming to TSC

    Stihl is the bestest.

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