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    Hi All,

    I have an ASV Forestry package coming in I have sold. Being a new dealer for ASV this is my first. It will come with the Fecon mulcher on it so it will be my first opportunity to actually operate one for a short period (basicall the pre delivery inspection). I have seen many of the mulchers mounted on the RC100 but never operated any of them, except a Gyro-trac and that is a different animal.

    The reason I am looking at the Tushogg is that they say they are great in rocky applications and hold up well. I was told two kind of teeth are available. One kind is more for rock oriented and mulching is good but kind of stringy and the other teeth for mulching but will not hold up as well when hitting rocks.

    It was suggested to mix teeth, see what is best for the area and then replace the teeth that are least useful. I hope this makes sense.

    In any case, anyone here had much experience with the Tushogg?


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    Hello Maka

    Is the fecon head your refereing to the one that comes from ASV? As far as you can tell is it the same head you would purchase from an inpendent fecon dealer or has ASV changed it or special ordered it?

    The only report I've heard about Tushogg is they really tear the ground up, his quote was too much. I think for a fit most application head the fecon or carbide cutter will be your best bet. You can get a qiuck feel when you chech out yours. The teeth thing might work but the cost of two sets of teeth?

    My .02 cents Robbie

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